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What is Nike Run Club?

What is Nike Run Club?

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Nike Run Club is a running app developed by Nike that is available for Android and iOS users that provides guided runs for 5k, 10k, half and full marathons, and more. It not only allows you to track your workouts, but also encourages you to be active through their diverse running community, which is comprised of some of the best athletes and coaches in the world. You can also connect with and challenge friends, which helps keeps training fresh and exciting.

When was Nike Run Club created?

With the growing popularity of fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and smart watches, many companies are trying to cash in on the trend. Nike is no different. Having created the Nike+ Running app all the way back in 2010, Nike is no newcomer when it comes to running software. The app launched for Android in 2012. In 2016, the app was redesigned and re-named as Nike Run Club.

How much does Nike Run Club cost?

The best part about the Nike Run Club app is that it is totally free, unlike most other running apps. NRC records your workouts, tracks your step and heart rate data, and provides you with encouragement from athletes and coaches. It also lets you set up training programs, do guided runs, as well as participate in challenges. You can download the app on Apple Store and Google Play at no charge.

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Is Nike Run Club accurate on the treadmill?

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According to Nike, the Run Club app is accurate on treadmills, as well as indoor runs. However, others have reported that the app is not truly accurate for these types of runs. Some users have reported that if two people run at the same speed, for the same amount of time, the distances calculated by the app are different. Obviously, this can present an issue when trying to follow a strict regimen while training for a race.

Even though the app has a specific setting for tracking indoor runs, many people still report inaccuracies. Although some users report the indoor mode as working properly, others have noted a 5-10% difference between what the app and treadmill record in regards to distance. In order to correct this, you can simply go into the app and edit your run and enter the distance recorded by the treadmill.

Can you use Nike Run Club and Strava at the same time?

Yes. It is perfectly ok to use both apps at the same time. If you start your run in both apps at the same time, your run will be recorded in each the same as it would if you were using each app independently. An alternative is to record your run on your fitness watch, and then sync your run with both apps afterwards.

How to Use the Nike Run Club app

Check out this video from YouTube from Jaymes Rodgers on how to use Nike Run Club and some of it’s best features.