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How to share my location while running

How to share my location while running

Many people run alone and this can be a cause of concern for their significant other or loved ones. Having the ability to share your location while you run can provide you and your family with a sense of security, and it also ensures your safety.

The best way to share your location while you run is by using one of the pre-installed apps on your Android or iPhone, such as Google Maps. In order to share location, perform the following steps on your smartphone:

  1. Open Google Maps, and sign in
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial
  3. Tap Location Sharing, then New share
  4. Choose how long you want to share your location
  5. Tap the profile of the person you want to share your location with
  6. If prompted, give Google Maps access to your contacts
  7. Tap Share, and you’re done!

If you prefer to use another app, the Google Play Store or Apple App Store have plenty of other options, such as SoSecure or Find My Friends. Using another application will mean following different instructions. However, they will likely be similar to the steps outlined above.

Why should I share my location while running?

Running alone presents many risks, such as injury, being attacked by an animal or even a person. By sharing your location you can ensure that someone is always aware of your whereabouts in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

Another reason you might wish to share your location is if you are running with a friend. Sometimes if you run at different paces you can become separated, or you and your partner choose to take a separate route. In that case, if you are sharing your location with your run buddy, it can make it easy for you to reunite at the end of your run.

Landmarks such as blocks, crossings, intersections, and railroads are sometimes not helpful because there could be other similar landmarks in the same location. In this situation, sharing your location can also help.

In addition to sharing your location, it is also important to monitor your heart rate while you run. Click here to read our article “The 10 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Running”.

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What apps share your location while running?

There are many apps with shared location features. The most common would probably be Google Maps. This application can share real-time updates of your whereabouts, while assisting you in navigating routes. It can also help you find others, if your friends choose to share their location with you.

Speaking of friends, you can also try the app Find My Friends. This free location-sharing app is easy to use and install. Just find your friend’s contact info, such as an email address or phone number, and share your location with just a click. It works on Airdrop, as well. Once connected, your friends can view your location and send updates back.

Another location share location app is called FAMILO, and it is specifically designed for families. However, you could also use it with your running mates. It has a real-time map and notifications that inform you of a friend or family member’s whereabouts. It also has a panic button. This lets you message and shares your location with others privately.

GeoZilla offers the same features with only a little upgrade. You’re able to share errands, set up reminders for them, and you can also allow the items to get picked up by the other members. They’ll get notified and you’ll also receive a confirmation once they are picked up.


Sharing your location while running is essential for your safety, as well as for the mental comfort of your friends and loved ones. Android and iPhone both come with pre-installed software that allows for location sharing, and there is also a wide variety of third-party options. Sharing your location with others provides you with a sense of safety and a way for family or friends to find you in the event that you are lost or injured.