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How to connect Polar H10 to iPhone

How to connect Polar H10 to iPhone

Does the Polar H10 work with iPhone?

The Polar H9, H10 and and OH1 heart rate sensors are compatible with your iPhone via the Polar Beat iOS app, which is available from the Apple app store. Essentially, the Polar Beat app allows you to turn your smartphone into a fitness tracker by using the data from your Polar heart rate sensor via Bluetooth. The Polar H10 transfers data via Bluetooth and ANT+.

ANT+ stands for “Advanced and Adaptive Network Technology”. ANT+ allows you to connect your heart rate sensor with ANT+ enabled equipment in order to transfer and share your workout data.

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How to connect the Polar H10 to iPhone?

In order to connect your Polar H10 heart beat sensor to your iPhone:

  1. Enable location services (this is required by Google in order to sync via Bluetooth)
  2. Put on your heart beat sensor
  3. Open the Polar Beat app on your iPhone
  4. Go to Settings, then General, then HR sensor
  5. Pair the sensor with your device

Is Polar Beat compatible with Apple Health?

The Polar Beat app for iOS is compatible with Apple Health. By connecting the apps, you’re able to share data from your Polar heart rate sensor and view your training stats, such as total distance, calories burned, and heart rate data. It is important to keep in mind that no data will be shared from Apple Health back to the Polar Beat app, though. In this sense, it is a one-way street from Polar Beat to Apple Health.

How to connect Polar Beat with Apple Health?

If data from Polar Beat is not displaying in Apple Health, attempt to reinstall Polar Beat and re-sync with Apple Health.

  1. Make sure your Polar Beat app is updated by viewing the app in the app store
  2. Open Polar Beat
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Tap Apple Health
  5. Tap Connect
  6. In the Health Access section, toggle the buttons to the right to allow write access for the various types of health data

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