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Does running increase stamina in bed?

Does running increase stamina in bed?

Most people know that running builds cardiovascular endurance, but what some people might not realize is that running can also be beneficial for performance in the bedroom. In a time where many people are reaching for pills and other potentially dangerous solutions to enhance their prowess in the bedroom, running is a significantly more natural, safe alternative.

Maintaining a regular running routine is one of the most surefire ways to improve one’s sexual prowess, and running on a regular basis can greatly improve your overall effectiveness and stamina with your partner. Running is now recommended as one of the most effective methods for resolving a wide variety of sexual issues by professionals in the fields of health and fitness.

Is running the best exercise to increase sexual stamina?

According to several studies, men who participate in regular cardiovascular activities like running, biking, and swimming have a lower risk of developing erectile dysfunction. It was found that women who exercised more vigorously encountered fewer sexual problems, with easier arousal and greater sexual satisfaction. This is because exercise improved blood flow to the sexual organs. Less erectile dysfunction was reported among men who participated in more cardio exercise weekly.

Not only does exercising enable you to run further and faster, but it can also increase your sexual endurance. The more cardio training you do, the less you will have to worry about becoming tired during sex. A stronger body accustomed to cardiovascular exercise can, as a result, manage more physical activity without becoming exhausted as quickly.

Can running increase my sex drive?

Running is a great way to alleviate the stress and fatigue of daily life, both of which can have a negative impact on your desire to engage in sexual activity. Inadequate self-esteem and a negative perception of one’s physical appearance can also harm libido.

Running has an incredible capacity to boost confidence by encouraging goal setting and fostering a healthier relationship with one’s body. The risk of developing high blood pressure, obesity, and Type-2 diabetes, all of which can negatively impact libido, is reduced in people who run regularly.

The advantages of running for sexual performance

1. It has the potential to substantially boost libido

A strong sex drive (or libido) is the first step towards a fulfilling sexual life. Researchers found that doing aerobic exercise, such as running, 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity helped increase participants’ libido. Even those with low libido reported experiencing this effect.

2. Natural increase in testosterone

Testosterone levels play a big role in how both men, and women, feel sexually. Scientists have shown that those who with higher testosterone levels tend to be more sexually active. Around and during ovulation, a woman’s testosterone levels go up. This is when they typically experience increased sex drive. There is more and more scientific evidence which links increased testosterone levels to great sexual prowess.

3. Heightened sense of stimulation

You might have heard the saying, “all’s well that ends well.” This can be true when applied to our sexual encounters, as well. Running is an activity that can ensure that you have the stamina required to reach a satisfactory climax for you and your partner. Positive correlations have been shown between intense exercise and orgasm duration.


More than sixty percent of participants in a recent survey said that they have more frequent sexual encounters with their partners when exercising together. Because running has been shown to increase hormone levels and sex drive in men and women, these findings should not be surprising. In addition to this, running also has the potential to strengthen emotional bonds and assist partners in achieving their fitness goals.

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