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My friends and I at the Insane Inflatable 5k – 2019 (me in the middle)

I’m Brian Zimmerman, and I’m an amateur running enthusiast. I was born and raised in Northeast PA and I’ve resided in Florida for the past 16+ years. I played sports my entire life, including baseball, wrestling and high school football, all of which required significant amounts of conditioning. However, I never really became interested in running until the last few years.

I found myself searching online for what fitness trackers to use, the difference between heart rate monitors and fitness trackers, and just about every question about running and running gear you could imagine. Since I did so much research, I figured why not start my own site to hopefully help people just like me?!

Whether you are new to running and have not yet run your first mile, or you are an experienced running veteran, my goal is to write articles that can be useful to everyone.