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5 Ways to Carry Your Smartphone While Running

5 Ways to Carry Your Smartphone While Running

There are many ways you can carry your smartphone with you while you run. Many runners want or need to carry their smartphone with them during their run, but do not like the distraction of carrying it in their hand or pocket. Especially with the ever-increasing large screens and heavy devices.

We now also use our phones to track our runs, as well as listen to music and audiobooks while we workout. Thankfully, there are a variety of solutions that will help you carry your smartphone and other items with you more safely and conveniently.

If you are like most runners, you probably prefer to run with as few distractions as possible. For serious runners in training, carrying valuables such as keys and smartphones can be a significant inconvenience. Many runners also prefer a minimalist approach to running.

However, there are many reasons why you may need or want to carry your keys, smartphone, and/or wallet with you while you run. Here I took some of my own personal experience, along with some research, in order to provide you with 5 easy tips for carrying your smartphone and other belongings with you while you run.



If you typically run alone, it is a very good idea to carry your smartphone with you as a safety precaution. In the instance you are hurt, or fear for your safety, having your smartphone with you is critical, not to mention, recommended.

If you run early in the morning or later in the evening, there are likely to be far fewer people on the roads or trails. If you were to find yourself in a position where you are injured or compromised, having your smart device with you would obviously be of great benefit. Carrying your smartphone is also a great idea if you live or run in a remote location.

Device and Belonging Protection

Running with your device or valuables in your hand or pocket can be an accident waiting to happen. It is very easy for your phone or keys to pop out of your pocket on your run, only to break or become lost. Replacement and insurance costs are higher than ever.

Many women have subscribed to using their sports bra to hold their smartphone or iPod, only for it to be ruined due to moisture damage from sweating. Also, many insurance plans do not cover moisture damage, regardless of the cause. Even if your phone is in a case, chances are if it falls out of your pocket or hand on a run, it’s going to sustain some damage, whether cosmetic or internal.


In addition to damaging or losing your valuables or smartphone, carrying them on your person, or in your hand, can also be extremely distracting! When you are running you will more than likely want to focus on your form, pace, and posture, as opposed to worrying about dropping your phone or losing your keys.

Can you imagine returning home from a long run only to find out you no longer have your key and you are  now locked out of your own home on top of it? As many experienced runners will echo, carrying a smartphone in your hand while you run can be very inconvenient. You will want to be focusing on your form or that new PR while you are running, not on holding an awkward device or smashing your new $1000 iPhone!

5 Ways to Carry Your Smartphone

tribe water resistant cell phone armband

Here we will discuss 5 ways for you to carry your smartphone and other belongings easily and safely.

Running Belts

sport2people running belt

Running belts are a great solution for those who wish to carry multiple items and are also concerned with hydration. You may sometimes even hear running belts referred to as “hydration” or “fuel” belts. Running belts can easily store your smartphone, wallet, keys and water bottles or hydration packs. They are great for keeping your items safe and dry, and will ensure that your belongings are protected, provided that the compartments are closed properly.

Running belts fit snugly around the waist and come in many different varieties and styles (click here for some examples). They also provide wire management for your headphones and multiple, separate storage compartments for keeping your personal items organized on the go. Many belts provide multiple waterproof compartments which are ideal for holding your smartphone or music player.


Armbands offer a slightly more minimalist approach for carrying your smartphone and some belongings. Just like it sounds, armbands are typically a flexible, comfortable fabric attached to a protective compartment for your phone. They feature an adjustable strap to fit a variety of arm sizes and most also include a pocket in the back where you can fit a credit or debit card, house or car key and cutouts so you can conveniently route your headphone wires.

Smartphone armbands can usually be worn on your wrist or arm and are a great option for carrying and protecting your smartphone and a few additional items. Your smartphone screen is also usually protected by a plastic covering that still allows you to operate your device. The material is usually made of neoprene, which is sweat and waterproof.

Running Backpacks
gear beast running backpack

Running backpacks are typically used by trail runners and long distance runners, such as ultramarathon runners. Running backpacks are not your ordinary backpack. They feature adjustable straps for your chest, shoulders and waist. These are to hold the bag securely in place while you run, so as to not compromise your running posture or form. Many running packs contain reservoirs for water and compartments specifically designed for your phone, wallet, snacks, belongings, and other running gear.

Another significant pro for running backpacks are that there are a wide variety to choose from. There are packs for long distance runners, men, women, hydration packs, trail runs and even short commutes. There are also a growing number of runners who commute to work by running. Running packs can be extremely comfortable and many runners prefer to use them over running belts. They also come in many different colors and styles.

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants

Believe it or not, there are many ingenious running apparel companies out there that have begun to add pockets to their leggings. For many women runners, leggings are their go-to running apparel choice. Now, add pockets for your smartphone, credit cards, ID and house key and, voila! The perfect solution. Offered in an endless array of sizes, styles, and designs, running leggings are a fashionable and affordable solution for keeping your smartphone snug, safe, and out of your hands.

Many leggings designed specifically for running also feature reflective accents and brighter colors for added visibility. They provide warmth in cooler weather, some of the benefits of compression-wear, and mesh for proper ventilation for running in warmer climates. 

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are a similar option to leggings and can be worn by themselves or underneath your running shorts. Made from material that is most-similar to spandex, compression shorts are worn by athletes of nearly all walks. Built-in pockets have become more increasingly common in their design, and they also provide various other benefits. Compression shorts were originally designed to increase circulation and reduce swelling. They also help prevent rashes and chafing, and many athletes also cite their reduction of soreness and injuries. With their snug, comfortable fit, additional health benefits, and wide availability, compression shorts are an extremely popular choice for storing your smartphone while running.

As we’ve discussed, there are a wide variety of versatile solutions for carrying your smartphone and personal items with you while you run. With running becoming increasingly popular and a myriad of events and races in every city, we can expect to see more companies creating innovative storage solutions. Whether you decide to go with a running accessory, like a belt or backpack, or an apparel solution like leggings or tights, with a little research you should easily be able to find the right solution for carrying your smartphone while you run.

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